Halderson trial recap ahead of restart: Days 1 through 6

MADISON, Wis. — As the jury trial into whether Chandler Halderson killed and dismembered his parents prepares to restart Tuesday after Chandler tested positive for COVID-19 one week ago, a recap of the first six days of the trial:

Day One

In opening statements on the first day of the jury trial, prosecutors laid out what they believe could be the motive to the crime. They accused Halderson of spinning a “web of lies” about the true nature of his job and schooling, and his dad was close to discovering it when he was killed.

Chandler’s brother also testified that he and his brother stood to gain $1 million from their parents’ life insurance policy if both were to pass away.

Day Two

Jurors saw video of Chandler going from door to door in his neighborhood, asking neighbors if they had copies of surveillance videos and whether they had recorded anything of his parents’ home.

Day Three

Jurors saw several images of a dismembered torso later identified as Bart Halderson as the trial entered its third day Wednesday morning.

Chandler’s former girlfriend also testified, saying in an emotional testimony that Chandler had asked her to buy cleaning supplies in the days after his parents’ disappearance, and she was concerned about where they were.

Day Four

Prosecutors played video clips of the first time police interviewed Chandler, when they warned him this was his chance to come clean.

At times, Halderson appeared to have trouble piecing together what happened on each day, often correcting himself and asking investigators what day they were talking about. Ultimately, police confronted him over the contradictions in his story.

Day Five

On the fifth day of the trial, jurors saw pictures of the evidence detectives found in the Halderson home, including blood and human remains over the course of a three-week search of the house.

Deputy Greg Leatherberry, a crime scene investigator for the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, spent much of the day on the stand as he described in great detail what he found in every room of the family’s multi-level home in Windsor as they investigated the murder and dismemberment of Bart and Krista Halderson.

Day Six

On the final day before Chandler’s positive COVID-19 test results were announced to the court that evening, prosecutors said his parents’ blood had been found on shoes Chandler wore.

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