Halderson case heads to jury after closing arguments from prosecutors, defense

MADISON, Wis. — The fate of Chandler Halderson is now in the hands of a jury after closing arguments were held in his homicide trial Thursday morning.

Prosecutor Andrea Raymond delivered the closing argument for the state, piecing together eight days’ worth of testimony into a timeline they spent several weeks trying to prove to the jury.

“It’s not a whodunit,” Raymond said. “(There were) cameras all around. We know that Bart and Krista went into that home and never came out, at least as whole people.”

Raymond focused on the lies Halderson told his parents in the weeks and months leading up to their disappearance on his work history and status at Madison College, and how they believe it led to Bart’s murder on July 1, 2021.

She followed by recapping the various pieces of physical evidence that were found by investigators in the case, including the shell casing and bullet fragments confirmed to be from a rifle that belonged to Chandler, blood detected in the basement that belonged to Bart and Krista Halderson, blood stains and bones found in and around the family’s firepolace, and Bart and Krista’s blood stains on shoes that belonged to Chandler Halderson.

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“We have experts from DNA, fracture matching, trace, footwear, fire inspection, we have the bones in the ash trap. Chandler Halderson killed his parents,” Raymond said.

However, the defense questioned in their closing argument whether the prosecution had met the burden of proof for first-degree intentional homicide, and that Chandler was not on trial for lying to his parents and friends.

“There is one charge that has to deal, one per parent, that has to deal with lying,” defense attorney Crystal Vera said. “Everything else is something that the state told you to try to feed you a theory, a motive and to essentially taint your view on Chandler.”

The defense also criticized the prosecution for not having a definitive explanation for how Bart and Krista were killed.

“When I was in law school, I was told that the words ‘I don’t know’ should never come from that table,” Vera said, motioning to the prosecution.

The defense said it does not dispute that something bad happened to Bart and Krista Halderson, but claimed prosecutors did not prove Chandler Halderson did it.

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“No one is saying that nothing happened to Bart and Krista. Something awful happened to these two people and the very least that you can say is that Chandler reacted,” Vera said. “But you do not know what happened.”

In rebuttal, prosecutor William Brown said it is unlikely any murder is captured on camera.

“Murders are not captured on video, that’s not what happens,” Brown said. “we are here because of the deaths of Bart and Krista Halderson, and they are dead. There is no doubt about that.”

It was the lies Chandler Halderson told crumbling that pushed him to murder the parents who cared for him, Brown argued.

“Everyone was going to see him for what he was. Just a liar. And he couldn’t handle that,” Brown said.

Brown also claimed Halderson’s defense team was asking the jury to lie for Chandler Halderson, calling it his “last lie.”

“The lies were important because that’s all Chandler Halderson had,” Brown said.

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