H is for How do you say ______?

Learn how to pronounce these food terms and...
H is for How do you say ______?

Cento: CHEN-toh (Italian: one hundred)
Charcuterie: shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee (French: prepared meats)
Estrellón: es-trey-OHN (Spanish: star)
Foie gras: fwa-gra (French: “fat liver”)
Gnocchi: NYOH-kee (Italian: soft dumplings)
Gyro: YEER-oh (Greek: meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie)
La Brioche: lah bree-OSH (French: light, sweet bread)
L’Etoile: leh-twal (French: star)
Pho: fuh (Vietnamese: noodle soup)
Sujeo: SUE-joh (Korean: spoon and chopsticks)
Tavernakaya: tav-ern-uh-ki-yuh (tavern + izakaya, a Japanese pub that serves food and alcohol)
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“Spanchego” is a term coined by Tony Hook of Hook’s Cheese. It’s the Wisconsin version of European Manchego cheese. The term Manchego refers specifically to a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of the Manchega sheep found in the area. Hook’s smashes together “Spanish” and “Manchego” to name its moist, flavorful sheep milk cheese made in the same style with local flair.

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