Guns to Glory at Grampa’s Pizzeria

Guns to Glory at Grampa’s Pizzeria
The Brassacre pizza with brussels sprouts, bacon and fresh mozzarella, plus the market salad and sticky ginger cake.

Its name alludes to the fact that the premises formerly housed Grampa’s Gun Shop, as well as pays homage to a family recipe. If you’re thinking it’s just another pizzeria, think again. Its utilitarian facade belies its warm and polished interior. The pizza crust recipe came from co-owner Gilbert Altschul’s granddad, but everything else is as hip as the décor. A handful of imaginative pizzas, plus a create-your-own option, are fashioned using fresh herbs, homemade sausage and the best ingredients. Blackboard specials, small plates and salads are stars in their own right, and sticky ginger cake a gratifying encore.

1374 Williamson St. 283-9580,