Gunman in Milwaukee shooting was Molson Coors employee, police say

MILWAUKEE — The gunman in Wednesday’s Milwaukee shooting was a Molson Coors employee, officials said.

In a news conference that Molson Coors executives held Wednesday night, the Milwaukee Police Department said they were called to the 4100 block of West State St.

Police said the five people killed were found in the same building as the shooter.



The victims have been identified but will not be released at this time.

Officials said all employees who were still at the scene are now able to go home.

Molson Coors leaders flew back to Milwaukee from out of state following the shooting Wednesday night.

“We’re a family here at Molson Coors, and this is an unthinkable tragedy,” CEO Gavin Hattersley said. “I’ve had a chance to speak with some employees, and I’d like to thank them for their bravery, and it’s important we stay close in the days and weeks that are coming.”