Guilty verdict brings family little peace

Husband wants death penalty for convicted

The husband of a woman killed more than six years ago at an Illinois Burger King said a guilty verdict for the attacker brings her family little, if any, peace.

Ken Hutchison’s wife, Mary, was strangled in 2006 at the Lindenhurst restaurant she managed. She was 45.

On Friday, a jury convicted 48-year-old James Ealy of suburban Chicago of murder.

Hutchison, of Trevor, told the Kenosha News that his family won’t forget Mary, but will try to turn the page. He said he doesn’t consider the verdict closure — but said closure would be the death penalty.

Illinois abolished the death penalty in 2011, and Ealy faces 20 years to life when he is sentenced.

Mary Hutchison’s father, Richard Dean, said he won’t get closure until the day he dies.