Groups come together to help combat sex trafficking in Madison

MADISON, Wis. — Several organizations came together on Tuesday for an event aimed at helping to combat sex trafficking in Madison.

The event, hosted by United Madison, sought to educate attendees on how to recognize signs of sex trafficking and what to do if they encounter potential victims. Representatives from various industries were also invited so they could learn how to help remove barriers that survivors often face when they navigate a safe life path of their choosing.

“This event is bringing together all of the various organizations that do work in this space for anti-trafficking and they work directly with victims,” Diane Hanson, United Madison’s founder, said. “But it’s hard for us as a community to support and figure out how to solve the problem if we’re not aware of it, so this is an awareness event.”

The group says local experts believe “a good percentage” of the roughly 200 ads for sex placed in Madison each day are advertising sex trafficking victims.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sex trafficking, help is available. The National Human Trafficking Hotline can be reached at 888-373-7888. Those in need can also text “HELP” to 233733. For more information about United Madison, click here.