Group works to amplify voices of BIPOC by getting them to vote

MADISON, Wis. — Young voters in the community are issuing a call to action to amplify minority voices and get them to the polls.

With just six days until the election, Amplifying BIPOC Voices is focusing on encouraging minorities in our area to vote, no matter who they want to vote for.

They’re holding a discussion tonight at 7 p.m. via Zoom as part of an effort with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Office of Sustainability to talk about the importance of voting.

The panel will focus on social, economic and environmental issues.

“They talk about the issues that are really important to them and also just try to bring in students who come from different backgrounds to share a little bit of how these issues can affect communities of color especially,” said Tamia Folkes, host of “Pod-cast Your Vote.”

Folkes and others say they want to become the generation to bring friends to the polls. And with days to go until the election, they want to make sure minorities in the area understand how to read a ballot, and how voting can change the areas we live in.

“I think one of the conversations that we have most frequently is just talking about how it doesn’t have to be a political issue all the time,” said Folkes. “That can be down to something like voting for student council or seeing how your community is zoned, seeing if you live in a food desert and if you have a grocery store in that neighborhood.”

“All of those things directly tie into experiences, and so students are really trying to understand this representation sustainability conversation and really trying to come at this firsthand to recognize that voting is a really important part of that picture.”

If you’d like to sit in on tonight’s conversation, you can find more information here.