Group Releases Report On Women’s Health In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Women’s Foundation is releasing a first-of-its-kind report on Thursday that targets health concerns for women in Wisconsin.

VIDEO: Watch The Report

The report targets more than 10 pressing issues related to women’s health. Dr. Teri Woods, of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, examined the results.

“I think if we look at areas of tobacco-use, alcohol, obesity, and if we look at sedentary nature of Wisconsin women we can go a long, long way in helping ourselves be strong and healthy,” Woods said.

Sue Ann Thompson, former first lady of Wisconsin, said she believes everyone should read the report. She said the county-by-county statistics are eye-opening.

According to the report, heart disease now ranks as the top health risk for women in Wisconsin, with more dying from it than all other diseases combined.

Breast cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed, but lung cancer is killing more women at a faster rate, according to the report.

The report also showed that Dane County is second only to Milwaukee County for domestic abuse deaths in Wisconsin. A recent year-long statewide total showed that there were more than 160,000 calls for help with 40 ending in death, WISC-TV reported.

“(We hope this report) can bring more focus to what should (and) could be done in order to make a difference in women’s health in Wisconsin,” Thompson said.

Saving the lives of more women is how Woods said they’ll know the report is making a difference.

“The message of hope, in addition to the accessibility of science, are the two things I am most excited about,” Woods said.

Also included in the report are suggestions to help women care for their health and on how to be proactive when dealing with their doctor.

People can pick up a copy of the report at the state Capitol at 2 p.m. Thursday. The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation also has copies available. To request a copy, people can call 1-800-448-5148.