Group rallies in support of SSM midwifery program

MADISON, Wis. — A group rallied Sunday in Madison in support of SSM Health’s midwifery program, just days after the health system announced plans to keep the program in place.

Earlier this month, SSM Health officials announced plans to end its midwifery program, before saying it would keep it in place until it finds a new model. Now, with the program sticking around for good, per SSM, rally-goers treated it as a celebration.

“I think what excites me so much is that SSM Health decision-makers are learning that the midwives work within a community of collaboration and support is powerful and that means a lot,” said Community Midwives, LLC nurse midwife Ingrid Andersson.

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In a statement Thursday, SSM Health spokesperson Kim Sveum said feedback from the community led them to change course.

“Our ultimate goal in this decision is to work together with our midwifery team and community women’s health partners to find a long-term, sustainable solution that allows area women reliable access to a full scope of midwifery services and in-hospitals births through SSM Health,” Sveum said.

Officials said they’re working with the midwifery team based on the community’s input to find new ways to meet patient needs.