Group alters ad attacking Hovde after complaint

Hovde said the ad was false
Group alters ad attacking Hovde after complaint

A shadowy independent group called Americans for Job Prosperity has altered a television ad that began running last week attacking Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde.

Hovde had complained that the ad was patently false. On Tuesday, the group’s president Stephen DeMaura said it altered language in the ad in response to a complaint made by Hovde’s attorney.

The change affects language in the ad that originally claimed Hovde was sued for tax evasion. The ad now says Hovde tried avoiding property taxes claiming a break he wasn’t owed. DeMaura said the new version will run through Monday.

Hovde on Tuesday released his own new ad touting removal of the original ad and attacking challengers Mark Neumann and Tommy Thompson. Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald is also running.