Groundbreaking ceremony held at Memorial Union

Memorial Union Reinvestment Project will update and renovate building

One of the most popular hangout spots on the UW-Madison campus will be getting a makeover.

Construction began earlier this summer but officials wanted to include UW students in the Aug. 27 groundbreaking ceremony for the Memorial Union Reinvestment Project.

Students voted in 2006 to pay to replace the outdated Union South and upgrade and renovate the Memorial Union.

The Memorial Union Reinvestment project will be completed in phases, and will restore the historic building while keeping up with modern technology and using the latest “green” standards to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

“This place always has a lot of energy and it’s such a special place for all Badgers, but I would say that once it’s complete with the new brat stand and the new exterior that we’re going to put in as well, it’s going to generate a lot more energy,” said Mark Rounds, Vice President of Operations for Boldt.

No tax dollars were used to build the new Union South or renovate Memorial Union, and construction will be funded by student segregated fees, operating revenue and donations.

According to construction officials, the $55 million project should have the first phase completed by June of 2014.