Grinch steals Christmas lights from community display

Grinch steals Christmas lights from community display

Someone has stolen lights off of trees along University Avenue.

The lights have been a Madison holiday tradition since 1966.

The dispay was started by Dr. Jack Kammer and was a way to spread holiday cheer to anyone of any race and religion during a time of year meant for unity and peace.

The spirit is maintained by Kammer’s son, Dr. Chris Kammer, with the Kammer Family Foundation.

Chris said that several lights were stolen recently. He said the lights are bought through donations from the community, and is asking people to speak up if they see anyone messing with it.

“Lots of people like to drive by the lights. It’s a community thing. Let’s keep an eye on the lights and make sure that people in that vicinity are enjoying them and not removing them,” Chris said.

This isn’t the first time someone has messed with the display. Chris said someone tampered with light wires in the past, and another time someone cut down one of the trees in the display.