Greenway Crossing Montessori School threatened by foreclosure

Greenway Crossing Montessori School threatened by foreclosure

A foreclosure is threatening the future of the Greenway Crossing Montessori School in Madison.

Parents are worried they’ll be forced to find a new school for their children.

The school’s landlord is going through foreclosure and the court-appointed receiver is ordering the school to vacate the property.

A recent letter warned the school that it and the 144 children had to be out by next week.

Mother Alissa Geurink said Greenway Crossing Montessori School has been life-changing.

“(The school) is so exciting as a parent. My son was just not fitting into a traditional daycare environment,” Geurink said.

Her 6-year-old son, Alex, had severe speech problems — a disorder called apraxia.

“He wasn’t talking — everything was ‘der’ or ‘daa,'” Geurink said.

In four years at Greenway Crossing, Alex blossomed. But now the school that changed her son’s life is facing eviction.

“There isn’t a single night that I haven’t cried,” Geurink said.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” said Michi Schroeder, of Greenway Crossing Montessori School.


The school survived a fire a year and a half ago. With the landlord going through foreclosure, the school has been forced to spend thousands to pay for repairs that the landlord hasn’t done.

“We’re also taking care of the snow removal outside, which is supposed to be the landlord as well. We’re paying for the garbage removal,” Schroeder said.

The receiver who’s ordering the eviction, a Madison-area attorney, didn’t return WISC-TV’s calls Wednesday as to why the school was being forced to vacate the property.

The school is now wondering what its future will be.

“It is very stressful, but if we survived the fire, I think we can survive this,” Schroeder said.

Parents said they’re doing all they can to spread the word about the good this school does. They’re also fundraising to try to keep the school open.

“It’s going to have a big impact on the community. We need to get this information out. We need to save this school,” Geurink said.

People can find more information on the Facebook campaign to help save the school at this Facebook page.