Green Cab acquires Badger Cab; adds 25 electric vehicles to fleet

City welcomes 25 new zero-emission electric vehicles
Green Cab driving downtown Madison
Photo courtesy of Harvey Briggs

At the end of March, Madison will bid farewell to the famous red and white Badger Cabs as the company makes efforts toward a greener future.

Earlier this month, Green Cab announced its acquisition of Badger Cab, the city’s longest-running taxi service that has been taking rides since the summer of 1946. Badger Cab serves nearly 1 million customers per year and is privately owned by Tom Melms, who has headed the company since 1978. Badger Cab employees joined the Green Cab organization immediately after the announcement.

“It’s been a long, winding road, but I wouldn’t have changed one thing. I am so grateful to our team and all the loyal customers,” says Melms. “Over the years, the industry has undergone many advancements; finding a partner committed to keeping our high quality of service and updating our technology was essential.”

Green Cab, Madison’s all-electric rideshare service, will replace the Badger Cab fleet with 25 new zero-emission electric vehicles — Chevrolet Bolts. Since 2010, it has provided Madison with more than 4 million rides, and is designed for riders looking for a greener, reliable, safe and affordable alternative to carbon emission vehicles.

Green Cab parked by Lake Monona with the capitol building in the background

Photo courtesy of Harvey Briggs

Shree Kalluri, who became the CEO of Green Cab in January after his start-up company, Zerology, added 35 Tesla Model 3 vehicles to Green Cab’s fleet last fall, plans to carry on the legacy of Badger Cab and Tom Melms.

“I have the deepest respect for Tom and the team at Badger Cab,” says Kalluri. “We are honored to join together and bring another 25 zero-emissions electric vehicles to Madison.”

Green Cab’s zero-emission vehicles will begin to replace the Badger Cab fleet on March 31.