Grazing on the Internet

Grazing on the Internet

It doesn’t seem that long ago—probably because it wasn’t—when the Food Network premiered online along with many similar sites.Suddenly, a wealth of recipes and cooking advice was readily available without spending a dime on nary a cookbook. But did anyone really comprehend the revolution the internet would have on cooking and eating?Or that even in the hinterlands suddenly the most exotic bounty of the world would become just a click and Fed Ex delivery away? Or that restaurants big and small, grand and humble would open virtual locations in cyberspace?

I think it’s appropriate that unwanted emails are labeled Spam—I’m not fond of either.However, I’ve learned to look no further than my inbox for the best dining deals and experiences around.Most restaurants today have websites and Facebook pages where they post menus, specials and upcoming events. In the current economy, value and appeal bring in customers. Many restaurants will email you with their latest news—just sign up on their webpage.Some also offer dinning reward programs.

I’ve added myself to many of these email lists and don’t regret it.It’s a little depressing that I can’t go to as many of the themed dinners as I would like to or take advantage of all the real bargains. Unfortunately, my stomach is bigger than my wallet.

Here are but a few of the restaurants where you can sign up:

Restaurant Magnus

Also, the Big Daddy of all Deals starts January 24—