Grant program introduces students to familiar, not-so-familiar fruits, veggies

A federal grant program is helping students learn more about nutrition and healthy eating by providing samples of familiar and not-so-familiar fruits and vegetables in classrooms, according to a release.

Wisconsin’s $3.2 million Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant is providing school-day snacks to elementary students at 169 schools, officials said.

Snack options include carrots, grapes, strawberries and sugar snap peas, but also less-familiar food like jicama and beet sticks, broccoli, grapefruit and starfruit, according to the release.

By exposing students to a variety of fruits and vegetables through this program, the schools are able to incorporate more of them into their regular school breakfast and lunch menus, officials said.

Program funding went to two tribal schools, 20 private schools and 147 public schools, according to the release.