Grandmother Scratches Rose Bowl Trip Off ‘Bucket List’

For some, going to the Rose Bowl is a “bucket list” item. A Madison woman is finally scratching it off of hers.

Jeanne Garnett, 88, has wanted to come to the Rose Bowl for 65 years. Every year, she made her eight children watch the Tournament of Roses parade on television.

This year, the children made their mom’s dream come true with a trip to Santa Monica Pier.

“On the day we found out that we were supposed to go, I dreamt that I had come to the Rose Bowl and I told my daughter,” said Garnett. “And they decided that’s what they should get me for Christmas.”

“Once we heard about the dream and she didn’t know who had won,?we thought we needed to find out,” said Ginny Wintersheen, Jeanne’s daughter.

“(On) Christmas morning, we wrapped up a box of roses from Santa.” said Barb Falco, Jeanne’s daughter. “She didn’t understand it. We gave her a red box with a T-shirt in it that said, ‘Roses are red, the pacific is blue, the Badgers are going to the Rose Bowl and you should go, too.”

Their mom got a front-row seat at the pep rally, and they’re in the VIP section for the Rose Parade. But Jeanne said the thing she’ s most excited about is the game and bringing home a win.