Grandmother loses $3,000 to ‘common’ scam

Caller claimed to be jailed grandson needing bail money
Grandmother loses $3,000 to ‘common’ scam

A grandmother lost $3,000 to what Madison police call a “common” scam.

The woman told police she got a call from a man who said he was her 27-year-old grandson. He said he was arrested in Des Moines and calling for bail money. He told her he was a passenger in a car where drugs were found by police.

The man asked the 79-year-old Lake Point Drive resident to go to a grocery store and put $3,000 on “Reloadit” cards.

The woman said she was then contacted by someone claiming to be “Officer Walton” of Des Moines’ “16th Precinct.” The man asked her to provide to him the identification numbers on the cards. She provided the numbers, and he said the because of a mistake additional bail money was needed.

The woman said she then became suspicious and called her grandson’s home. His wife assured her he was at work and not in jail.

The callers were using a phone number that came back to Quebec, Canada: 438-764-9055.