‘Grandma Drummer’ gets new drum set

‘Grandma Drummer’ gets new drum set

Two and a half million people have now seen the YouTube sensation, dubbed the “Grandma Drummer.” And now she doesn’t have to travel very far to drop a beat on the drums.

Onalaska resident Mary Hvizda, 63, likes to drop by the Coalition Drum Shop in downtown La Crosse and rock out on a set.

Mary has been drumming for nearly 40 years, including multiple local bands a few decades back. But for about the past 20 years, she hasn’t owned a drum kit of her own. That is until Monday.

The Coalition Drum Shop gave Hvizda a free $800 electronic drum set. They say it will be perfect for her to play anytime she wants in her apartment and not bother the neighbors.

Mary’s still getting used to being a Youtube star, a web site she didn’t even know existed until a few days ago. “I appreciate this new set they gave me, and all the calls I’m getting are compliments, and it makes you feel good, because I’ve been retired for a long time, and I’m 63, so this is a really neat feeling for me, and a very overwhelming surprise,” said Hvizda.


The owner of the Coalition Drum Shop says he hopes Mary will still drop by from time to time. “We hope this doesn’t stop her, maybe that’s another reason we gave her an electronic set so she comes on down and plays the standard drums down at our store,” said Carl Johnson.

Hvizda says the drums will be put to good use because she’s never owned an electronic drum set.