Grand reopening in sight for some Wisconsin Dells resorts

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis.– Once the statewide order was lifted, the Wisconsin Dells were given the green light to reopen right in time for summer.

After over a month of uncertainty, Mt. Olympus owner Nick Laskaris said he is thrilled to be booking reservations again.

“The consumer really didn’t know when we were going to open. I didn’t even know when we were going to open,” Laskaris said. “At least now we have a benchmark, and I could tell already yesterday that our advanced booking is starting to pop and grow bigger and bigger.”

Changes will be made to increase safety at the parks, including cutting capacity in half.

“We’ll allot the right amount of rooms to keep the capacity at 50 percent of normal of what we used to,” Laskaris said.

Only hotel guests will be granted access to the park, which Laskaris said will keep lines shorter and pools less crowded.

“I think it’s going to be a better experience for everybody,” Laskaris said. “It will definitely be much safer when it comes to this viurs.”

While staff is being trained on the new guidelines, Laskaris said they’re asking that guests respect them as well.

“There will be signage throughout the park reminding them all day long on our goals, and it should be their goals, too,” Laskaris said.

Mt. Olympus plans to reopen on May 26. Other resorts in the area are working on similar plans.