Graft helps make city center home

Sleek, modern restaurant joins a growing list...
Graft helps make city center home
A Striking Selection: At Graft, sink your fork into a tender cut of tuna tartare topped with cucumbers, sesame seeds and avocado on a bed of rice chips.

18 N. Carroll St.

A good 50 years ago, dining options on the Square were limited to a choice of Rennebohm lunch counters.

Graft joins a growing list of upscale restaurants to make the city center home. In the shadow of the Capitol, one has to smile at its name. However, it’s a scrupulously modern restaurant with sleek, snazzy decor and a predilection for small plates made with local ingredients. Chef Phillip Rodriguez has a virtual world of experience and creates memorable dishes like fried chèvre, tuna tartare and red snapper with guajillo chiles. A wine selection by the bottle or glass is just as striking as everything else.