Governor supports Democrat’s proposal on outsourcing

WEDC recently gave tax credits to companies that outsourced jobs
Governor supports Democrat’s proposal on outsourcing

Gov. Scott Walker said he will support a Democrat’s efforts to change state policy on supporting companies that outsource.

Walker and Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, spoke to reporters before a meeting of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the state’s job-creation agency.

Barca shared a plan to require companies to say they wouldn’t do a project without state money and to report back if circumstances change such that they may begin outsourcing.

WEDC recently gave tax credits to companies that ultimately moved jobs overseas.

“Obviously it’s a major issue and it’s one I’m sure all of the board will care deeply about and want to make sure that taxpayers are protected in these instances,” Barca said.

“Probably should have been done a long time ago, but it makes sense now,” Walker said. “Our focus is on helping companies add jobs, invest capital and put more people to work here in this state.”

The governor has recently attacked his Democratic opponent, Mary Burke, for profiting from outsourcing being done at Trek Bicycle, which her family founded and currently runs.

A spokesman for Burke referred to a statement released when it was reported the WEDC was giving money to companies that outsourced, where Burke said as governor she’d insist every award protected against outsourcing.

Barca said the governor agreed to put the policy on WEDC’s September agenda for a vote.