Gov. Walker comments on Flynn resignation

National Security Advisor resigned Monday

Gov. Scott Walker was asked Tuesday about whether Congress should consider investigating now former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn following revelations about his discussions with Russian officials this week.

“I don’t know enough of the details yet,” Walker said when asked whether Congress should investigate Flynn. “Obviously if there’s issues regarding national security as they’ve talked about in the past, and Congress said they’re going to want to look into whether Russia attempted to have an impact on elections, if there was evidence they’d want to look into that as well.”

Walker then re-iterated that he only knew what he’d seen in published reports.

Flynn resigned late Monday evening after the Washington Post reported that the U.S. Department of Justice had told the White House that Flynn was susceptible to Russian blackmail because of prior conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

Speaker of the House and Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan said in a briefing Tuesday that Trump had asked for Flynn’s resignation, but did not call for a House investigation into the matter.