Gov. Tony Evers proclaims Sept. 26 as ‘Girls in Aviation Day’

Airplane in the sky

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers announced Sunday that Sept. 26 will be hereby known as “Girls in Aviation Day” in the state of Wisconsin.

This announcement was made in conjunction with Wisconsin’s first ever statewide virtual “Girls in Aviation Day”. With COVID-19 threatening to cancel this annual event, the three Wisconsin chapters of Women in Aviation joined forces to create a virtual event designed to share aviation to girls across the entire state of Wisconsin.

“Aviation is available to all girls in our state,” said Sarah Pozdell, president of the Four Lakes Chapter of Women in Aviation in Madison. “With 124 public airports throughout the state, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed anywhere in the state and going virtual will allow us to reach all of those girls who have an interest.”

Organizers say that the inclusion of women in these industries needs to be improved upon and that events like “Girls in Aviation Day” show girls that aviation and aerospace is a future for them by giving them an opportunity to participate in hands-on aviation related activities while giving them firsthand experience with various aspects of aviation.

The event will also showcase female aviators and introduce girls to career opportunities in the growing aviation industry.

“We need girls of our great state to realize that there is this great aviation family in Wisconsin with many job opportunities attached to it,” Joan Kelnhofer, President of Milwaukee’s Southeastern Chapter of Women in Aviation.

Women in Aviation International will be launching the Aviation for Girls app in conjunction with “Girls in Aviation Day.”

The virtual online event will be held on Sept. 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for girls aged 8 to 17 y.o. To register, visit