Gov. Evers suspends provisions to give more low-income veterans emergency aid access

Tony Evers in front of a flag

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers has suspended provisions of the Assistance to Needy Veterans Grant program to give more low-income veterans access to emergency financial aid.

According to a news release from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, the program allows for subsistence payments as well as other grants for veterans who are experiencing a loss of income.

“This grant program was designed to help veterans during a time of need,” said WDVA Secretary Mary Kolar. “COVID-19 has hit many people hard economically. With the changes announced today, we anticipate more low-income veterans will be able to access emergency financial aid. We appreciate Governor Evers giving us the flexibility to help as many veterans as possible during this challenging time.”

Those interested in applying for the grant can do so online. Veterans can also contact the County Veterans or Tribal Veterans service offices.

To see the order in its entirety, click here.