Gov. Evers speaks to union workers at Labor Day fest


MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Governor Tony Evers spent his Labor Day morning thanking union workers and encouraging them to vote blue in the upcoming election.

Evers along with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul attended a Labor fest hosted by two Milwaukee area union chapters, IBEW and UA.

“Organized labor is the backbone of our economy,” said Kaul addressing the group. “It is the backbone of our middle class and it’s the backbone of our communities in Wisconsin.”

State officials emphasized the importance of voting in the 2022 November election particularly with so many seats open across the state.

“My possible opponents from the Republican side, I think they would take us backwards faster than we could even blink,” said Evers. “This is an important race. I’m there to support unions.”

Evers also pledged his support for unions and said if re-elected he would get rid of “Right to Work” and go back to supporting prevailing wages.

He went on to say that without unions–which brought about 40 hour work weeks, minimum wage, and social security–our quality of life wouldn’t be the same.

The Governor also gave a special thanks to Wisconsin’s essential employees working through the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Our state has recovered financially better than almost every other state in the nation,” he said. “It is due to the essential works.”