Gov. Evers, DATCP to give $10 million to help those experiencing food insecurity

cans set up on a table

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is giving an additional $10 million to two of Wisconsin’s largest hunger relief organizations.

According to a release, the additional $10 million will help those with food insecurity during the pandemic.

“There isn’t a family, worker, or industry that hasn’t experienced the effects of the ongoing pandemic,” Evers said. “This funding bridges an important gap, not only helping these organizations continue to do their good work, but also helping farmers get their goods to folks across the state and Wisconsin families put food on the table.”

The total amount given to Wisconsin’s agricultural and food industries is $75 million. Hunger Task Force and Feeding Wisconsin will each get $5 million in grant funding. The money will be used to purchase food for distribution, food storage and transportation.

“COVID-19 has brought uncertainty for many people, but no one should have to worry about how they’ll feed themselves or their family. The Food Security Initiative has already helped many organizations adjust to the pandemic and provide high-quality, nutritious Wisconsin food products to people in need across our state,” DATCP Secretary-designee Randy Romanski said. “We’re proud to partner with Governor Evers, Hunger Task Force, and Feeding Wisconsin to continue that work through this additional funding.”

Hunger Task Force Executive Director Sherrie Tussler said it will use the funds to buy Wisconsin products like milk, cheese, pork, beef, potatoes and cherries. The products will be given to service local communities for free.

“People of color, the rural poor and indigenous people who have been hard hit by the pandemic have received food, and with the food, a bit of hope. We applaud Governor Evers for his inclusivity and compassion for hungry Wisconsinites,” Tussler said.

Feeding Wisconsin Executive Director Stephanie Jung Dorfman said there has been a 70% increase in demand for services.

“Feeding Wisconsin and our statewide network of six food banks and almost 1,000 food programs, are grateful for the awarded funding,” Dorfman said. “These funds are enabling us to source great Wisconsin products to distribute to our neighbors faced with food insecurity during this challenging time.”