Gov. Evers calls special session to stop in-person voting, extend deadlines to May

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers on Friday called the state Legislature to a special session on Saturday to take up changes to the spring election scheduled for Tuesday.

In an executive order, Evers told lawmakers to meet Saturday at 4 p.m. to take up legislation that would move the election to all-mail, send a ballot to every registered voter who has not already requested one by May 19 and to extend the time for those ballots to be received to May 26.

“Your efforts to maintain social distancing, the sacrifices you have made when it has come to your jobs, your schooling, and your day-to-day activities are what we need to flatten the curve to protect the people of our state,” he said in a news release Friday.

This order comes the day after a federal judge ordered that voters have until April 13 to get their absentee ballots in to their local clerk.

The governor previously proposed changes to Tuesday’s election that would suspend certain voter ID requirements, extend absentee ballot request deadlines and allow extra time for clerks to count absentee ballots.

Republican leaders in the state Legislature have not immediately responded to Evers’ call.