‘It’s unacceptable:’ GOP panel grills Evers’ administration over vaccine pace

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Assembly Republicans are grilling Wisconsin health officials about why they can’t speed up COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Assembly’s health committee held a hearing Thursday to investigate why vaccinations have been moving slowly. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, said it’s unacceptable that the general public has to wait until summer for shots.

He demanded to know how Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ administration can speed up administering doses and placing people into vaccination categories.

“I just don’t know that the process we have in place, by the time we decide who’s going to be in group 1b the rest of the country is going to have passed us up,” Sanfelippo said. “We’re going to be sitting here waiting to make the next move.”

State Department of Health Services Assistant Deputy Secretary Lisa Olson said the pace is dictated by how much vaccine the federal government allocates to the state and it takes time to decide how to prioritize recipients.

“Folks are moving as quickly as they can throughout the course of the week, but I hear you and I agree with you,” Olson said. “We very much want to be moving faster and standing up our mass vaccination clinics as we have more vaccine coming into the state.”