Goodman’s Jewelers owner estimates $50,000 in damage after riots

Goodmans 9.transfer Frame 69

MADISON, Wis. — Goodman’s Jewelers on State Street performed inventory Sunday to figure out how much was stolen and the extend of damage from Saturday’s riots.

With broken windows and glass from the store’s original 1930s cases, owner John Hayes estimated there is about $50,000 worth of damage.

Hayes said he got a phone call from a friend who was watching break in on Facebook on Saturday.

When Hayes got to the store, he said he stopped a person inside from stealing a display, while keeping others from trying to get in the store while he took pictures of the aftermath.

“I understand the reasons for the protests,” Hayes told News 3 Now. “I don’t understand the result of this because the two aren’t associated with each other. They’re different issues altogether.”

Hayes, who worked at the store for years before purchasing it in 1998 said this hurts, especially after being closed the past two months amid the pandemic.