Goodman Center provides thousands with Thanksgiving meals


MADISON, Wis. – For decades, the Goodman Community Center has provided Thanksgiving meals to thousands of families in Madison, and with record high demand, they came through again in 2022. 

They opened 4,000 slots for full, free Thanksgiving meals to anyone who signed up. They did that, and then some. 

“We registered over 4,900 families to come and get a thanksgiving basket,” said Francesca Frisque, the Food Pantry Manager at the Goodman Community Center. “To do that we have almost 500 volunteers to help us out with all of that.” 

They said they saw record demand, caused, they believe, by high grocery prices.

“We were nervous going into it, there’s actually some items we still need,” Frisque said. “We’ve been doing kind of some last-minute grocery runs and calling out to our partners to get those food items.” 

A countdown on their website shows their most needed items. They had to stop packing bags because of the shortage, a hurdle they believe they’ll overcome. 

“Our goal will be to give everyone a full basket while they come and pick up so we’ll go clean out the store shelves if we have to,” Frisque said. “People are telling us that if weren’t for us they wouldn’t be having this big home-cooked meal, that it’s really going to make the difference for their family.”