Goodman Center in need of food, money, & volunteers ahead of supersized ‘Hunger Heroes’ drive

‘Hunger Super Heroes’ runs August 1-2

MADISON, Wis.— A lot of us are having the opposite problem right now: joking about “gaining the covid 19” while in quarantine.

But millions more are waking up and going to bed hungry.In the first week of the pandemic, Madison’s Goodman Community Center received calls for help from four times the number of people it currently serves.

Four months in, the center’s numbers are still up by 30-percent.That’s where you come in.Every year, food pantry workers host their ‘Hunger Heroes’ drive to send hungry children home with a bag of groceries each Friday during the school year.This year, with millions of people out of work, families falling behind on bills, and school plans up in the air— the demand is understandably much bigger.

But there’s a problem: right now, the Goodman Community Center’s resources are much smaller.Workers were unable to accept food donations for the first few months of the pandemic, despite four times the number of families needing help.

“We really need people to be super heroes,” said Jon Lica, who runs Goodman’s food pantry. “We need people to not just step up and give the food people are needing right now, but personal items too. If you’re struggling for groceries, how can you afford the paper towels and school supplies you need?”

This weekend, Goodman is supersizing its drive, now in its fourth year, calling it ‘Hunger Super Heroes.’ Workers are not only collecting food donations, but school supplies, personal care items, and money to help families in need have everything they need for a new school year, whatever that may look like.

“When it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you can’t catch a break and then someone does a nice thing for you, whether it’s small or large, it can be that thing you need to get through that day or week,” said Lica.

Click here to donate to the 2020 ‘Hunger Super Heroes’ campaign.

Click here for a list of supplies Goodman Center volunteers are collecting. (Scroll for complete shopping list.)

Click here to volunteer at this weekend’s drive-thru, contactless collection.

This weekend’s drive runs from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. August 1st and 2nd outside of the Goodman Community Center.