Good Shepherd Lutheran Church unites in one location for first time in 20 years

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has locations in Madison and Verona. For the first time in 20 years, the two churches came together for one service.

“There’s a buzz when we bring our choirs, our band, all of the expressions,” Pastor Chris Enstad said. “We have different worship styles at each location, and we are all going to be together in one place.”

Less than 50% of people frequently attend church, according to a Pew Research Center study.

Enstad says he sees a declining attendance in his own church.

“We’ve seen that our people are attending church less frequently, but if you ask them if they are frequent church attenders they still say yes,” Enstad said.

He attributes this new trend to the culture today.

“The challenge then, as a church, is how do we church in this new time, with the time that people are able to give us, make the most of that,” Enstad said.

Bob Beggs and his family attend Good Shepherd Lutheran Church every week.

“My wife and I have a very strong faith, and it is very important for us to demonstrate that to our three teenage daughters, that the church is just who we are,” Beggs said. “We want to impress upon them that having a faith life is very important.”

Ronda Beggs says the church is a community.

“We are a hurrying world,” she said. “I think social media and things like that are wonderful things, and they can make us feel plugged in, but I think widely what we are seeing is people being really, really isolated and given a false sense of belonging.”

Having the two churches come together reminded Enstad of why Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was founded.

“It took a dream for our church to come into existence. It took a dream for our second location to start, and we are a people who know how to say yes to God’s visions and God’s dreams,” Enstad said.

The conjoined service was the launch of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church’s Beyond Capital Campaign.

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