Good Samaritans save woman from car-jacking

Good Samaritans save woman from car-jacking

Two good Samaritans helped stop a carjacker in his tracks earlier this month after the man tried to steal a car after crashing his own on the Interstate.

Kevin Weber and three friends were returning home from a hockey tournament up north on Feb. 12 when they saw a 23-year-old woman pulled over on the side of Sprecher Road. A man had waved her down and was now trying to take her car, as a Wisconsin state trooper was in foot pursuit.

“As we were approaching it he gets in the passenger-side door and starts assaulting her,” Weber said.

Weber didn’t think twice and immediately pulled up next to the car.

“So the car he’s trying to steal runs into our car and shuts my door as I’m trying to open it,” he said.

Kevin and two friends were able to pull the man out of the car as they waited for police to arrive.

The trooper was able to arrest the alleged carjacker, Andre Nash, 24, of Milwaukee, but suffered a concussion and was bitten in the struggle.

Nash faces substantial battery and carjacking charges.

Weber said he felt like he just had to do something.

“We’re all from that neighborhood, (the) east side of Madison, so seeing that kind of thing like happen in your neighborhood kind of makes it impossible to just sit there and watch it… so it’s something you gotta do,” he said.

Madison police said several other bystanders rushed to help those at the scene, including two medical professionals, who tended to the bleeding trooper until other units arrived.