Good Broth pops up at MMoCA

New Fresco pop-up features bone broth.

Never did I think I would be walking down State Street sipping on a cup of bone broth–but, there I was, on a freezing cold, miserable, dreary day with a to-go mug of the warm broth in hand–and it ended up being the unexpected afternoon boost I needed.

Fresco is offering sippable and customizable bone broths available through an eight-week pop-up called Good Broth, located in the lobby of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.Good Broth pops up at MMoCA

Good Broth is set up like a smoothie bar, but instead of choosing ingredients for a smoothie, you choose boosts and add-ins to mix with two different kinds of bone broth. The broth itself is made with roasted bones from grass-fed, free-range animals, fresh vegetables, herbs, water and apple cider vinegar which is then simmered for 24 hours.

Caitlin Suemnicht, the chief creative officer of the Food Fight Restaurant Group, says Fresco and MMoCA had talked about opening a pop-up for sometime, but there was a concern of food waste from unsold products. But the cooks at Fresco will use the unsold bone broth in the restaurant to prevent wasted leftovers. Good Broth pops up at MMoCA

The pop-up is operated in a grab-and-go style. There are two broths: a classic chicken broth and the “good broth,” which combines grass-fed beef stock and chicken stock. From there, you can add everything from parsley juice and lemon zest or add-ins like nori or calabrian chili oil.

The red boost of coconut milk and red curry paste added to the good broth felt like sipping a spicy bowl of ramen noodles, while the immunity boost of fresh garlic and ginger paste with the chicken broth reminded me of drinking my mom’s sickness cure–homemade chicken noodle soup.Good Broth pops up at MMoCA

Some bone broth lovers say there are some added health benefits to bone broth like immune system support, healthy digestion, stronger bones, boosted energy levels, reduced joint pain and more. Overall, bone broth is high in protein, low in calories and contains many healthy minerals and acids.

I’ve never been one to gush over drink trends, but after trying both broths, I’m sold. After drinking the broth, I felt more prepared to tackle the rest of my day and more positive than I was when I woke up. Plus, that night I had the energy to hit the gym to start training for my spring race.Good Broth pops up at MMoCA

While you might not have the same energy-boosted reaction that I had, the drink will surely help warm you up on a cold day like today. Even while walking down wind tunnel-filled streets downtown, my cup stayed warm for more than an hour.

If looking to try bone broth for yourself, Good Broth will be open noon to 2 p.m. through March 16 on Tuesdays to Fridays. If you can’t make it during those times, Good Broth is offering delivery through EatStreet from noon to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays to Fridays.