Golf course owners express safety concerns over reopening on Friday

Golf courses will open on Friday under Governor Tony Evers’ second installment of the Safer at Home order.

But while golfers are excited, there is also some concern as to how people will stay safe.

Andrea Wieland owns Oak Ridge Golf Course in Milton, and she’s given the whole process a lot of thought.

“It’s hard because you don’t want it to become, wow, golf courses are open. This is the only thing we can do, and everyone’s going to go out there. No one’s going to social distance, and no one’s going to remember that there’s this virus around,” she explained.

Peggy Kelly Gierhart, who coaches the girls golf team at Edgewood High School, agrees. She wants to play, but she’s not sure what the right solution to all of this is.

“We can’t stay inside forever, it’s a tough call,” she said, “We need to get out there, we need to exercise and fresh air and Vitamin D, so it’s a tough subject.”

But Wieland says under Governor Evers’ order, golfers will be required to practice social distancing.

“We have to pretend like we’re still at the grocery store and stay away from people,” she said, “And not be high-fiving each other and giving hugs to people that we haven’t seen in a while.”

So her advice? Think about the big picture.

“Use the game of golf like it’s supposed to be, let’s use some integrity, let’s police ourselves when we’re out on the golf course, and let’s do it right so we’re all staying safe,” she said.