Goats return to Lake View Elementary School

48 goats eat weedy plants in forest behind school
Goats return to Lake View Elementary School
Goats at Lake View Elementary School

To help with their goal of keeping the school environmentally friendly, Lake View Elementary School welcomed some new friends to eat the invasive plants growing on school grounds.

Monday and Tuesday, 48 goats will be eating the weedy plants in the forest behind the school. The plants include buckthorn, honeysuckle and garlic mustard.

Lake View is the first elementary school in Dane County to take a natural approach to get rid of the plants.

Faculty members enjoy the process because it doesn’t harm their greenery and gives the kids the opportunity to learn about sustainability and their new hooved friends.

“We don’t use pesticides. We don’t want to do anything like that. Manpower is often difficult to get and it’s quite a huge space,” Lake View Elementary School Principal Kristi Kloos said. “So the goal was to try to do something that was both kid friendly and environmentally friendly.”

The goats spent four days at Lake View Elementary School in the spring, so this time they are only back for a trim.