Give boxing a shot with Canvas Club Boxing and Harbor Athletic Club

Using the full weight of your body to hit your partner’s padded hand doesn’t allow for outside thoughts.
person standing to box

Using the full weight of your body to hit your partner’s padded hand doesn’t allow for outside thoughts. “You can’t think about the grocery list or work,” Melissa Ernst, co-owner of Canvas Club Boxing, says. “The level of concentration and hand-eye coordination it takes to properly punch the pads is like no other workout.”three various boxing poses

Jab: With your hands near your chin, punch straight out in front of you. Use your nondominant hand for this move. Although this punch is perceived as weak, it is the most important. It establishes distance between you and your partner and signals that you are ready to begin.

Cross: This is your knockout punch. While aiming for your opponent’s head or chest, throw your dominant hand out in front of you. It is important to use your hips for power and pivot on your back right foot.

Uppercut: Keep your face protected with your back hand and start with a slight bend in the knees. Then twist your hips and rotate your body while simultaneously moving your lead arm in an upward scooping motion. Uppercuts can be thrown low toward the stomach or higher toward the chin.

Boxing stance: Always start and return to your boxing stance — it ensures that you can move away from your opponent and throw punches. Your hips should be a hips width distance apart, knees slightly bent with your left leg forward and your right leg back. Your guard should be up — meaning both fists are by your chin so
you can protect your face.

Core strength

People believe boxing is all about the arms and fists, Harbor Athletic Club co-owner Melissa Ernst says. “But really your core, which includes your abs, shoulder and hips, plays a huge role.” She recommends a Pilates move called “the teaser” to help develop those core muscles and improve your boxing skills.

  1. Lie on the ground with your hands at your side. Lift one leg in the air and leave the other on the mat. As you exhale, lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground engaging your core to form a v-shape. Hold for 10 seconds, then release.person stretching to one foot
  2. Next, lift both legs in the air with your hands reaching for your knees, forming a v-shape. Hold for 10 seconds, then release.v-shaped body on a mat
  3. Lastly, hop on a reformer machine to take this pose to the next level. You form the same v-shape with your legs and shoulders but simultaneously hold straps in your hands while reaching for your knees.person on a reformer machine

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