Girls save the Wauzeka-Steuben football season

Girls save the Wauzeka-Steuben football season

They almost didn’t have a football season at Wauzeka-Steuben High School this year.

Wauzeka’s about an hour and a half drive west of Madison. There are 97 students at the school, so getting enough players is usually a challenge but this year, when a few boys became ineligible and or injured, they had only 12 healthy players going into their scrimmage.

With the first game just around the corner, many feared the Hornets wouldn’t be able to field a viable team until Megan Klema and Selena Giddings came along.

The two girls volunteered to play even though they didn’t know much about football and they say, the school and the community needed them.

“It came down to it where we weren’t going to have a season and I was serious where I was like hey they still need players I am willing to play,” said Klema.

“I was excited we have 27 girls on the cheerleading so I was hoping to pick up a couple of more,” said AV Roth, Waukeza-Steuben’s head football coach.

“There’s a lot of people around town saying ‘thank you’ to me,” said Giddings.


“It’s a small community and people are really willing to step up and help one another,” said Mike Garrow, district administrator.

“We got girls to go out  to our football and kept our senior year going it was nice of them, we really appreciated it,” said Hunter Heisz, a senior tight end and linebacker.