‘Free Chick-fil-A for life?’ Giannis celebrates NBA title with fans on Instagram Live

Giannis Instagram Live Trophy
Courtesy: giannis_an34/Instagram

MILWAUKEE — While many Milwaukee Bucks fans are likely waking up groggy on Wednesday morning, Giannis Antetokounmpo hasn’t stopped celebrating.

Fresh off a historic performance in Game 6 of the NBA Finals in which he scored 50 points and secured NBA Finals MVP honors, Antetokounmpo fired up Instagram Live on Wednesday morning, still hanging on to both trophies he won about 12 hours earlier.

“These trophies are not leaving my sight,” Giannis joked with his girlfriend, Mariah. “What if all of a sudden I wake up and this is all a dream?”

Mariah pinched him to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“These trophies are my security,” Giannis said. “I can touch them and I know this is real.”

Saying he still couldn’t sleep, Antentokounmpo did the Instagram Live session while Mariah took them through the Chick-fil-A drivethrough, where he proceeded to order a 50-piece Chick-n minis and a half-Sprite, half-lemonade with no ice.


As fans started to notice Giannis in the drive-thru, he joined them in chanting “Bucks In Six,” while also posing for photos and allowing some fans to touch the trophy.

“This is why I love playing the game, moments like this,” Giannis said. “This is why I love Milwaukee. This is why I chose to stay. Because we celebrate together.”

He also tried to parlay the championship win into free Chick-fil-A for life, putting the manager of the location on the spot. The manager said it’s a deal if he wins another title next year.