Get out and ride for Wisconsin’s Bike Week

Get out and ride for Wisconsin’s Bike Week

So, did you do a little biking over the holiday weekend?

You and how many thousands of others through glorious miles of Wisconsin trails and roads and paths. This state knows how to bike and we love it.

This is also the beginning of Wisconsin Bike Week, or Bike Ten Days, if you follow the dozens of events found on the Wisconsin Bike Fed website.

When it comes to bike organizations in this country the Wisconsin Bike Federation is no slouch either.

It’s a respected and effective advocacy and resources organization led by former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz whose knowledge and passion for biking is recognized well outside the state.

The important thing is to visit the website and see the many rides, coffees, bike tune-ups and social events in store over the next ten days. It’s Bike Week and summer’s here.