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Organizing Systems for Your Home
Interior of a laundry room with cabinets and drawers and a sink for organizing the room. Cabinets are made with warm wood tones with a tile backsplash and tile floors in a matching tone.
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Homes get messy. From kids running around to busy schedules, it can be hard to keep your home in order. While most people get organized in their kitchen, living room or office, many other areas of a home are easily overtaken by clutter.

While offering full kitchen and large-room services, Dream House/Cabinet City also specializes in organizing other areas of the home, such as entryways, laundry rooms, bedrooms and even garages. 

“When it comes to entryways, laundry rooms and mudrooms, they’re all typically surrounding the entrance to the garage or front door,” says Chris Schmidt of Cabinet City. “We do a lot of coat systems with hooks, like lockers. Each person in the family can have their own area to stay organized. Shoes will end up there instead of across the floor, and jackets will be hung up rather than sitting on a chair.”

While not commonly thought of as a way to organize a space, a Murphy bed can benefit those who have downsized or need extra space to use as an office or weight room. The beds allow for rooms of the home to be more flexible for multiple users. 

“Murphy beds are a great way to accommodate guests when they’re here, but then they fold up into a very nice-looking hutch or furniture piece that allows for extra square footage,” says Schmidt. “This is popular among people in studios, too.”

When it comes to rooms in the home, the largest room — the garage — often gets overlooked. As a space that holds bulky items and things we do not know where else to put, garages quickly become cluttered. 

Cabinet City’s garage cabinet systems are fully customizable down to the very last inch. From a simple tool organizer to full pully systems for bikes, anything is possible.

“Some guys want their shop vac in one cabinet and their water hose hooked up and ready to use in the next. Each cabinet has its own utility, but when you’re not using it, you can shut the door and it looks as organized as a kitchen,” says Schmidt.

No matter the room, Dream House/Cabinet City can turn your space from cluttered to clean, functional and comfortable.
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