‘Germaphobe’ suspected of stealing from cars

‘Germaphobe’ suspected of stealing from cars

A man questioned about thefts from cars said he was wearing latex gloves because he’s a “germaphobe,” according to a release from Madison police.

Officers were called to Chamberlain Avenue before 4 a.m. Monday when a resident heard a car alarm and spotted someone walking down the street with a flashlight trying car doors.

Police said a man was spotted near Chestnut Street and Kendall Avenue, and when officers approached, he started to remove latex gloves he was wearing.

Officers said that near the man they found a backpack containing possible stolen items and tools for breaking and entering automobiles.

Alexander Kanatzids, 20, of Madison, was arrested on suspicion of possession of burglary tools and felony bail jumping.

Since January, there have been dozens upon dozens of thefts from vehicles in the Regent, Dudgeon Monroe and Vilas neighborhoods, according to police. Most of these crimes were the result of “unlocked” vehicles.

Residents who find items missing from the vehicles are asked to call the South Police District at 608-266-5938 to report the stolen items. Victims may also report their property loss on line at madisonpolice.com.