German delegation studies Madison College cyber security program

Cyber attacks a worldwide problem
German delegation studies Madison College cyber security program

A 12-person delegation from Hessen, Germany, visited the information technology department at Madison College to study the information technology network security program.

The two years, associate degree program prepares students to fill roles in information technology security departments of companies and government agencies.

“Cyber security is becoming a worldwide phenomenon,” said John Forde, an information technology network security instructor at Madison College.

The visitors from Germany are looking at Madison College’s program and using that information to develop their own education programs.

With cyber attacks happening on a daily basis, students graduating from the information technology network security program don’t have to look too long for work.

“Well, let’s just say that a number of them have a job before they graduate,” said Ken McCullough, chair of the information technology department.

The job placement rate for students in the information technology security program is more than 90 percent.

Because hackers are constantly changing their method of attack, the instructors at Madison College are constantly updating their instruction for students.

“It is a constant evolution of the attacks. They are becoming more and more sophisticated attacking in different ways, and so our education has to keep up with that,” McCullough said.