General Motors strike reaches third week, taking a toll on some families in southern Wisconsin

As the General Motors employee strike enters its third week, its effects are being felt by families in southern Wisconsin who still work for the company.

John Dohner Jr. worked at the Janesville General Motors plant prior to its closure in 2008. Now, he splits time between his home near Edgerton and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“We usually talk about three to four times a day, and he tries to come home every weekend,” said Jane Dohner, his wife.

Yet for the duration of the strike, John Dohner has not been able to come home, with his position within his union requiring him to be with his coworkers.

“When we’re talking to our members, all they want is information. Not all the information they get off the internet is not always correct or distorted,” he said.

Dohner said during the strike, he’s also missing out on his usual salary. Unsure of when the strike will end, it’s created issues on budgeting.

“You’re not only worrying about your house payment back home, but you’re dealing with a rent payment down here so you’ve got two times the bills,” he said.

John and Jane Dohner both hope the strike will end soon.

“It’s just a rough patch in life, but we’re hoping that both sides will come together, put their heads together and get it figured out,” John Dohner said.

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