Gas spilled at Madison station when pump didn’t stop

15-17 gallons spill onto concrete
Gas spilled at Madison station when pump didn’t stop

More than a dozen gallons of gasoline spilled at a Madison gas station when the pump failed to turn off automatically, according to a release from the Madison Fire Department.

Firefighters were called Wednesday at 10:44 a.m. to a Citgo gas station in the 2300 block of Commercial Avenue.
Fire officials said the customer who was pumping the gas was not attending to the pump at the time and was surprised when firefighters arrived. The customer had locked himself outside his vehicle.

About 15-17 gallons of gas spilled onto the concrete. Firefighters placed absorbent powder around the pump and the vehicle and on the path to the sidewalk.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was notified. Police were called to the scene at the request of the customer, who refused to pay for the excess gasoline.