Gas leak prompts evacuations, closes Williamson Street

Gas leak prompts evacuations, closes Williamson Street

A gas leak prompted evacuations at and near 1220 Williamson St. in Madison on Tuesday morning.

According to Dane County dispatch, the gas leak was caused by construction work in the area after 11 a.m. Three buildings on Williamson Street were evacuated and another behind the building with the leak was evacuated.

Four blocks of Williamson Street were closed for about two hours and traffic on Baldwin and Few streets was also affected.

Firefighters used a PA system on the fire truck to get two people out of the building where the gas leak was, officials said. The occupants were seen walking around inside the building on the second floor, but it was not safe for firefighters to enter the building.

A worker told firefighters he was trying to cut something when a pipe was damaged.

Gas and power were turned off to the building by noon, according to the Madison Fire Department. Ventilation of the building began shortly after the gas was turned off.

Firefighters and MGE crews waited until the building was ventilated and the street was reopened, officials said. No injuries were reported at the scene.