Gary Alan Hazlett

Gary Alan Hazlett

MADISON-Gary Alan Hazlett, age 59, son of Bruce and Vicky Hazlett, both deceased, passed away on Monday, July 30, 2012, at Agrace HospiceCare. He got his GED and AA (piano repair/tuning) from Blackhawk Technical School.

Gary is survived by his daughter, Sarah (Riley) Gostisha and their three daughters, Sydney, Kloe, and Easton; son, Matthew (Christie) Kurth and their four sons, Jack, Waylon, Sean, and Tyler; sister, Sandra (Bill) Greenwood; niece, Tasha Crandall; and sister, Rianne (Todd) Thompson and their three children, Ty, Tia, and Toots. He was preceded in death by his brother, Matthew.

No service is planned here. His cremated remains are being sent to an extended family member in Hawaii for burial. In lieu of donations or flowers, donations to the American Cancer Society in his name would be appreciated.