Gallery owner catches would-be thief in the act

Madison police make arrest as suspect ran from store
Gallery owner catches would-be thief in the act

The owner of a downtown Madison art gallery watched from the balcony of his store as a robbery unfolded below.

The owner of The Fanny Garver Gallery, 230 State St., said he was working at a computer upstairs when a man walked into the gallery and behind the counter.

The thief opened up the cash register, grabbed the cash inside and then dropped the money when the 60-year-old shop owner yelled at him.

The suspect was arrested by a Madison police officer who was patrolling nearby.

Gordon E. Walker, age 69, of Madison, now faces charges of strong-armed robbery and violating probation.

Walker claimed that he found the bills on the gallery floor and was just picking them up to return them, police said.